Servicer3DTM Loan Servicing Software

With Servicer3DTM loan servicing and processing software, you can manage all your loan servicing activities for any type of loan, including conventional, commercial, construction, ARMs, and Lines of Credit or HELOCs. Its ease of use and deep feature set ensure an excellent fit for lenders everywhere.

Servicer3DTM offers a large set of built-in reports, escrow accounting, and collection processing, but its customizability is perhaps its most important feature. You can easily access your loan accounting data, alter reports and create personal links to suit your unique business needs. With Servicer3DTM, your software works the way you do instead of the other way around.

From the instant a loan is funded, Servicer3DTM handles every aspect. It tracks payments, collections activities, escrows collection and disbursement, and investor disbursements. And regardless of whether the loan ends in final payoff, is released to another servicer, or is bundled for the secondary market, you can count on Servicer3DTM to manage every detail.

Servicer3DTM is ideal for:

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Native American Tribal Organizations
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Automobile Lenders
  • Student Loan Providers
  • Surgical and Dental Practices
  • Agency Lenders FNMA, FHLMC